Best Way To Use

Deep Cleansing:

Wash your face with water and apply facial cleanser. Turn on the device and activate Hot Mode + Vibration and attach large cotton pad (or Cleansing Facial Wipe) on the device to remove makeup. Massage the face thoroughly, the heat will open up clogged pores for deep cleanse to remove dirt and grime.

Skin Rejuvenation:

After cleansing your face apply your preferred face cream, serum, etc on the skin. Turn on heat mode to comfortable level, then activate sonic vibration and red or blue LED light mode. Massage thoroughly in circular motion 5-6 minutes.

Skin Renewal:

After opening up pores for absorption of skincare products it's time to shrink the pores to lock in moisture and increase elasticity. Turn on cold massage and sonic vibration along with red LED light mode. Massage outward to cheeks, chin and forehead for 5-6 minutes.

Blue Light + Hot Mode for soothing and repairing skin

Blue Light + Cold Mode for tightening and firming the skin.

Use the product daily. Your skin will start appearing cleaner and refreshed through the first several uses. Within just weeks you'll start seeing tighter skin, diminished wrinkles and less acne 


FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: Safe for any skin type such as aging, dry, oily, sensitive or normal skin. Compact and lightweight, easy to bring and fits your bag size perfectly.

PORTABLE: Lightweight and compact enough to carry with you anywhere. Charges with the included USB cable for on the go use.